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Ninja Agility

Ninja Agility classes teach kids to flip, twist, & move like a real ninja!

Ninja Agility graduates will benefit from:

  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Boosted coordination and mobility skills
  • Gaining a competitive edge in all other sports they participate in

All whilst having a lot of fun in a safe and controlled environment!

Fees and benefits 

Term 1 runs for 10 weeks at $14 per class (casual) or $110.00 paid upfront to secure your child's spot. 

Is Ninja Agility right for you or your child?

Anyone can take our classes regardless of skill, ability or previous training. We have grades so that everyone can push their limits while keeping safe. We keep our student to coach ratio at 8 to 1 so that your kids get as much one-on-one time as possible to help them progress quickly.


If you have questions, don't be shy, contact us! 

Phone: (03) 688 2807

Email: timaru@flipout.co.nz

Class Days and Times

Term 1 – Starts Monday 5 February 2018

Classes are run at times below:

  • 4pm & 5pm (Monday and Tuesday)
  • 4pm (Wednesday)